Monday, 15 January 2018


Outside? What's that? It's been one of those weeks where unless I was walking the dog, shopping or taking the kids to clubs I don't think I've left the house.
I'm kinda ok about hat though, I've managed to catch up on a lot of jobs, a lot of tv and even managed some scrapping :)
Way back in November I pulled out a kit I'd made using a lot of Shimelle products, in retrospect it was much too large and to be honest by the start of this month I was sick of the sight of it lol. So I gave myself to the end of this weekend to kill it, then pull out another one. Aside from 2 almost untouched 6x6 pads I didn't do too badly :)
I think this was one of the few I managed to use the 6x6 papers. It was a super simple layout and besides the misting in the background (the pink doesn't look very pink imo) I'm pleased with it.
These stickers were really hard to use as they're translucent, so if I put them on coloured paper, or patterned paper they look muddy and not as nice. Most of the time I just cut them out and kept them on the sheet which defeats the point I think but there you go. Here I was able to just stick them down as obviously the background is white anyway.
The photo is a selfie I took when we went to the circus last year. Shock horror, I'm trying to work through some of the super old photos I haven't scrapped yet (think kids first days at school) but sometimes you just need to use the up to date ones to keep the mojo flowing I think.
So as well as scrapping and cleaning this weekend there was family time too. The kids are getting older and like to spend more times doing their own things in their rooms or playing outside with their friends, but they both love board games with us :) Skyjo is one I bought for Christmas and is our current favourite.
Its a really simple concept, you have 12 cards, each card has a number on like -1, -2, -3, 0, 1 etc all the way up to 12. You start with all your cards face down, and choose if you want to change one of your cards for one in the middle. So you could decide to pick up the 3, but as you dont know what you're changing it for you could end up giving away a -2. The aim of the game is to get the lowest score possible.
I think Scamp wanted to play too.
Well today is about lots of washing. I've stripped the beds, cleaned the floors and will tackle the mess that is my kitchen next. At some point I really need to make a shopping list too as I looked in the garage freezer over the weekend and found a load of food I forgot we had! Whoops.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Why is it so cold?!

Before Christmas we had a few days where we were snowed in. Seriously the roads were like ice rinks, I had to use my daughters beach spade to dig my car out as both our neighbours had borrowed our spades and neither were around to return them lol. That said, even with snow everywhere I swear it was warmer than than it was today.
Given the choice I'd have stayed home, in my pjs, under a blanket. Unfortunately I'm a grown up (or so people keep telling me) so I had to take Mark to get a blood test and to a Dr appointment.
While we were out I popped into Pandora, my friend had bought a glass charm in the sale but when she got home she found out it was cracked, her local shop had sold out so I said I would look in mine for her.
We're only looking for Jacqui, I promised Mark, I wont buy anything..........
One of those bags is her charm, the other is one I bought for my daughters birthday, in May lol. Mark just rolls his eyes at me now, lol.
Shopping and bloods done I came home to defrost and tidy up. Hoping to manage a little scrapping tonight using this cut from my Silhouette I backed yesterday. Annoyingly after backing it I wished I had fulled in a few petals and centers with different colours so decided to use my Nuvo drops instead. Quite pleased with the result.
Granted they look a little messy up close, but still nice I think :)
I have the photos for it planned, now just need to find the time and the mojo! I cant clean anymore as my hoover is broken. :( I rung my Dad and asked to borrow theirs, no problem, he says. I go, pick it up, bring it home and go to use it. Oh, this doesn't work right. I ring him up, 'Your hoover doesn't work' 'Oh thats not the hoover I use, thats just been in the cupboard for ages' What, really Dad? Hes hard work. lol

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Movie day! :)

Last year we found out that if we bought Mark an Odeon limitless card, I would go for free as his carer. So we could pay £18 a month, and see as many movies as we liked!
We love movies, obviously before we would only see the big ones at the cinema, like Disney, star wars, anything by Marvel etc, but now we go at least once a week.
To be honest its been brilliant as at the time Mark was getting really depressed as weeks would go by with him not leaving the house unless I was going to Asda or he was coming along with the school run, so this gets him out of the house without it costing a fortune.
So today we saw this.
Now I'll admit, Mum and I took the girls to see this Saturday, but I REALLY enjoyed it so convinced Mark to take me again today :D Surprisingly though he liked it too! It really is a great film and the songs are very catchy.
Keeping it a secret from Cait though as she will not be a happy bunny to find out I went to see it without her. :P
Before we went cinema I remembered to take photos of my Hey little magpie sale haul! I went a bit over the top but with 50% off who can blame me.
I did a lot of Christmas scrapping before Christmas last year so used up the majority of my seasonal stash, so bought some bits to replenish this.
Lots of pretty paper:) I love bright paper as you may be able to guess.
A great kit for summer holiday type photos.
I ordered these enamel shapes thinking they were the little sheets, you can imagine how thrilled I was when these showed up!
Lastly some Pebbles Girl squad goodies.
Soooo happy with my new stash!!! Need to use up a bit of old stash first though, lol. Wish me luck :)

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Happy mail

At the start of the year I decided to put myself on a stash ban until at least March, before that however I ordered a load of stuff in the Hey little magpie sale lol.
I got lots of embellishments as I'm running low on things like enamel dots etc but somehow a lot of paper managed to fall into my basket too, no idea how these things happen :P
I had planned to take more photos of the contents but by the time I'd gone and got some shopping, did the dinner etc it was pitch black outside so will try again tomorrow.
On that note, does anybody else have kids that seem to think they're morons? Honestly my daughter trusts the dog more than me lol, I could tell her the rain was wet and she'd probably still want to go and check herself before believing me.
Shes only 9! She's going to be a nightmare to live with when she becomes a full blown teenager.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Gave up

Ok so I've given up on Ipad and have stolen Marks PC to blog now lol.
The weather here today has been dreadful, I've had the lights on all day as its just so dark and dreary! Caitlin went to my Mums early this morning to play with Mollie so I took the chance to walk Scamp while the house was still peaceful.
Loving my new trainers! I've got teeny feet (size 4) so often buy my shoes from the kids section. These were in the Next kids sale for £15, Sketchers with memory foam and gel inserts and pretty colours and silver stars! I'm so grown up lol.
Mark spent the day in bed and Cam was happily playing with his friend online so I settled down with my brand new daylight lamp and did some scrapping :)
I think my mojo for this kit has gone but I've still got so much left. Its a kit I made myself and it started out as Shimelle Glitter gril but I've added some Starshine too. I'm giving it until the end of the week and I'm throwing in the towel and putting it away for a while.
How do you guys scrap? Do you use mainly kits or just what you feel like using at the time?

Monday, 1 January 2018


So 2017 ended with very little blogging being done. I'm full of excuses about it, no time, didn't do much, blogging has had its day etc etc. But a big one is that my laptop only works for 5-10 minutes at a time before overheating and dying and I'm dreadful at blogging fro, my iPad which is why this post has no photos.
I have photos on my iPad, but for some reason the blogger thing only recognises photos taken before 2013, which I don't even have on here anymore but there you go 🙄 I'm not the most technical person lol.

So while I didn't blog much last year, when I started to sort out my layouts I found that my blog is usually a huge help, in both ordering them and adding details to the journaling so I'm redoubling my efforts to keep up with it. If you do read my posts forgive if I mess up a bit while getting used to iPad blogging but lots of people do it so there's got to be a better way lol.

Wish me luck and happy new year!

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Back again

Ok it has been a long time since I've blogged. No big excuse, just to be honest I'm not reading my posts that often anymore and I don't think anybody else is either lol.
With Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc I really think Blogging has had its day. That said, I don't do Youtube and my Facebook and Instagram are limited so I've decided I do want to blog every now and again, if it's once a month I'm not going to beat myself up about it, if it's twice a day, great (though probably wont be lol)
I'm not even going to try and recap everything we've done since I last blogged, cinema trips, seaside, illness' sister drama etc, and just going to jump right to this months Challenge YOUrself challenge!
This month is to take inspiration from this picture.
The first thing that jumped out at me was the beautiful blue colour, and the feel of travel. So with that in mind I picked a photo of me, Mollie and Caitlin on the ferry to France, and decided to use blue as my primary colour.
I admit it isn't my favourite layout ever. I think the blue makes it feel colder than I intended. I did use up some embellishments I've had sat in a box for a while (the tassle and the stickers) so that was a bonus!
Sadly this is my last layout for the Challenge YOUrself team :( I've loved being part of the blog but I feel it's time for someone else to take my turn :) Thank you so much to Sharon and the other girls for having me. I'll certainly still take part in challenges as a participant so don't think you've seen the last of me though! :)